A Pinch Of Yeast.

Photo courtesy of jbsbakeservice.com

“A-little-yeast-is-all-you-needed,” went the minister at the podium, stressing each word with some certainty, “to-raise-the-dough”. He darted around the wooden podium in a choreographed movement speaking these words to the multitude shy of thirty five.

The crowd – humble in all senses – craned their head to the raised podium, nodding in affirmation. The commanding silence could almost let you hear their faith sing in chorus. It was Sunday the 21st of October, 2018.

The sense of humor he hid up his sleeve didn’t spare the gathering – mostly women – the laughter. They broke into random giggles time after time. His knowledge on the scripture was admirable – churning out verse after verse like a lawyer quotes the constitution in a court case. It speaks a lot about how instrumental faith is in his partaking.

“The little deeds that we do,” he says, “go a long way”.

And the lesson was as deep as a single line.

Fact is, they will never know the effort you put in to make that venture work. They don’t know the baking of the sun you had to walk through to reach wherever you did. They certainly don’t know how much pain you had to gnash your teeth over just to make the move you made. No wonder they will travel miles to your funeral but not move an inch to support your hustle.

Don’t expect neither a heavenly applause nor hearty thank-you’s from them because they simply don’t know (or they don’t care anyway). So don’t give up doing good because you never got any credit. Chances are, you might not get any and if you do, it mightn’t suffice your effort to the slightest bit.

There’s no harm in sending positive energy to those who can’t do anything for you in return. Some act of kindness goes miles. Galaxies too. A simple ‘thank you’, ‘you look great’, ‘you sound beautiful but I like more of your African touch’,‘that was some mean speech bro’, ‘I’m happy having met you’ could be the sun to that guys grey German day.

Brethren, even the strongest souls out there need a crutch sometimes. They might seem like a cliff edge, standing tall to angry waves and enraged winds. But time after time, hit after hit, they crumble to the pressure and cave in on themselves. With all the light they hold for us on our paths, their hands and feet too get sore. So do good, and share the love with them too.

Some while back I made a resolve to say something positive to the people in my circles including those that didn’t seem to need it. I decided to spread cheer everywhere I went by being the fabric that holds hearts together. I chose to say the things I wished but never heard others say to me. The journey to this fulfilment has been fruitful to say the least. It’s something I would recommend to you and me both because you never know just how far that simple word goes.

Gladly, this resolve has always worked in my favour. Filling people with cheer became something I always sought to naturally do. It went from habit to character in no time. Since then, it has become part of me planting seeds of cheer wherever I go. Not because I have so much to offer but because I know what it feels like to be empty.

It’s never that serious.

Bro, life is never as serious as we always think it is. Don’t kill yourself over a job that will replace you the moment you catch a cold. Don’t move mountains for a girl/boy who won’t inasmuch as pick a pebble for you. Jobs, relationships and governments will pass. Hearts will break and love will hurt. And so will your life.

Ultimately, think about finding your escape – your happiness. And pursue it. After all, the memories that make us smile are not those of the jobs we got, the grades we achieved, the accolades we append to our names or the targets we hit. They are about the people we met, the love we felt and the depths we dealt. Make yourself worthwhile memories because that is all you will need to rest easy as the days pass by.

Love silly, tour the world and laugh as much as you can. Pursue the things that make you happy and remember that all the spirit you chase so much swirls like a gentle current within you, awaiting your command to grow.

A-dollar-a-curse principle.

I watched a movie some months back where a character made this jar in which he and his family would place a dollar for every time they cursed. A fun way, I’d say, of keeping their goals in check. In the long run, it worked in his favour

In another perspective, how long a time would you stay without complaining? Can you picture a day where you complained a little less? An hour where you didn’t complain at all?

We spend such a huge chunk of our lives complaining that we lose touch with the things that really matter in life. So what if the traffic piles? So what if it rains on a Sunday afternoon? So what if he doesn’t reciprocate what you feel? If you can’t change it, don’t worry or complain. It only darkens your soul to the light and love, the world has to offer. If they show you how much of an option you are, don’t give them a chance to say it louder. It’s not worth it.

Would a complaint a dollar help you save ship? You be the judge of that.



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