Pursuits of Happiness.

Here’s a story you won’t get a chance to listen to every other day; be it in church, at the local with your buddies, over your favorite radio station or at your numerous business meetings twenty floors into the skyline of the city. It’s a one time chance for you to really see black from white. Yin from yang. A chance for you to pick your life with a tooth comb and reroute yourself to life’s true course.


3rd November, 2018.

It’s almost funny how the big portrait standing parallel to his casket, astride two wreaths painted him somewhat settled – prepared for his death. His smile is the kind that said how much he knew this day would come. It said how we we’re supposed to cry because he had done it all. My incessant stare into his glaring eyes made me wonder when do people get ready for that last photo of themselves before their death? If it’s anything to go by, how do they manage to stay so peaceful? How do you stay so calm knowing that the sun won’t shine the same any more and either will the stars?

Inside the brown, shy of maroon casket lay a soldier who fought his battles to the very end. Dressed in an expensive black suit, eyes and mouth shut to the world, I couldn’t help but wonder. How could such a brave man feel completely nothing at all? How could he see pitch darkness and know not of it? What was was left of him after life left him? Could he hear how sour the cries for him sounded? I wanted to ask what was going on through his head now that it was imminent that the soil would hit the woodwork inches above his head and over his entire body as a sign of an end. I wished to know how he felt now that he could do absolutely nothing about it. Powerless. Not able to merely scream in whispers. Dead.

In a four cornered casket lain a man with almost anything the world could give. The best of cars, the nicest of jobs, the most contagious of smiles and yet he couldn’t take all that with him. He couldn’t even dance to the feeling that, yes, he had made his life worth living. He was one with the wood he lay in. Screaming in silence? Shouting out in joy? This world can’t tell. It was and is sad he couldn’t be there to see how much color he brought to the world. It’s a tragedy that not everyone appreciates you when you are alive. It’s even a bigger tragedy that you can’t wake up to feel the love they shower you with when you lay supine, facing the sun, one last time.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

Yet in another return to soil somewhere else, a man lain on a table. A casket couldn’t be afforded. He rest there, covered in satin with only the face peeking to the world. He lived poor with nothing to his name but his name. He couldn’t feel the winds blow on his face or the mid-morning sun shine over his toes. He couldn’t hear the wails of people dear to him. He couldn’t even feel the pain of having lived with nothing. He just lain there. Numb. Not poor. Not unfortunate. Just, dead.

Time and space apart lain another man. Well, he was rich with all the material things man could beg for. He spent his money on drugs women and immorality. He was the dictionary definition of a deadbeat. He didn’t believe in God and pissed on everyone that came across him. Yet when he died, people still cried. They still praised him. He lain there. Not a rich man. Not a charlatan. Not a bad man. Just, dead.

All along, it whirled in my mind how much vanity life is. How inconsequential chasing material things is only to die and leave everything behind. How dying rich or poor felt the same. How worthless it all is once you have made your last breath and all that remains of you is your name. How death in itself is a tragedy because you can no longer feel all the colour life had to give. Because you can’t touch the people’s lives you did any more. Because you can’t come back and mend all the mistakes you made, all the walls you broke. You can’t wake up to recover lost time. You can’t wake up to feel the love again.

Yes, we shall all die and that is a tragedy we shall all have to come to harmony with. A tragedy we will all be acquainted to in first person sometime. Since the tragedy of death booked us a spot the very day we set foot on this world, why lead a life like you are long gone already? For what is it worth living a life like you are dead?

I came to the realisation that all we ought to do in this limited life is try to make the best of it. Try to make yourself as happy as possible. Try to change as many lives as possible. Try as much as you can to rain heaven when you can.

Buy yourself the finest things and look good in them because you shall leave them here after all. For Christ’s sake, chase the money. Make riches. Don’t live poor and die poor. The finer thighs in life are meant for us so don’t live a life trying to avoid them. Don’t be too stingy on yourself because you will leave all that money right here in this world.

Try something new each day. A new idea on, a new skill, new approaches to life because you have only one shot at tasting the wonders of life. Be receptive to ideals that might change your life for the better. Don’t be too uptight, brother.

Don’t be hung up on people who treat you like an option. There’s no time for that, please! Move on with life and only chase the window seat for fresh air. Sick attitudes, negative energy and indifference shouldn’t be your causes of insomnia. Avoid them like a plague. They don’t deserve your limited time.

Fall in love my sister. Fall in love so deep until you hurt. Choose your poison and let him kill you with love and affection. Don’t listen to the cynics because there’s never the same love twice. And because there’s no love between more than two entities.

He doesn’t love you, mistreats you or hurts your feelings? Dump his ass! Life is too short to cry over someone who won’t even sigh for you. Find yourself someone who understands you and brings out the best in you.

Strive to stay around positive energy. This life is too short to keep waking up to depression and a cup of regret each and every morning. Dance in the sun while you can and feel free to enjoy the tickle of the grass below your feet. If it feels just right, don’t hesitate to call someone else over and share the fun.

Always try to put a smile on people’s faces. You may not always succeed but don’t let their shadow of grief and anger gloom your shine. It’s obvious some people swore come hell or high water to be difficult to deal with. But don’t let that make your glow go down with them. Just be the life you want to see in others.

There’s a world out there of the things you could do to live a happy, fulfilling life. I can’t fit all of them in a single article. There are so many ideas to a good life it makes me wonder why anyone would opt for two tragedies at a go; a poor life and death. Why suffer in a life you will eventually lose to the world having been given all the recipes for joy? The loss isn’t yours. Come on!

Who needs two deaths when one is just enough?

Have a happy weekend.



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