Finding Self

This Personal Space Each day, I wake up in the ballpark of 5:30am to have a read about anything interesting the internet serves me. Blame it on default or on the many years of schooling through a hell-bent curriculum that have got my mind wired this way, I get my mojo for the day from […]

Nibuyie (Buy Me)

I tend to believe that I’m a very outspoken person thanks to my mom raising me on a strict bible and cane diet. It’s pretty much the reason why I have few friends. The rest just come, have a taste of my thoughts and are on the next bus to wherever to pamper their egos. […]

I Sit here and Wonder

  “Many a time, we had these intellectual fights; fights over my phone, fights over what I did not say but implied, fights over what I said but did not imply, disagreements over who was to do what and did not do it, you name it. Yet somehow, we always recovered from them. I wouldn’t […]

Thanks to Cedric

Originally posted on Dreams:
The long month of September has crawled to a grinding halt, but before we bid it goodbye with this article, there’s something interesting I read over the internet a day or two ago. So, apparently, in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, the Japanese Government decided to take a different…

Thanks to Cedric

These particular guys are disturbingly stout. They have to be careful to carry their bimmer car keys high enough lest they drag on the floor as does rebar tied on those annoying boda-bodas. The group of three walks to a table and help each other up the counter stools. Okay, that was too little too much on their heights.

Clearing Out.

Moving on after a breakup isn’t always as easy. Especially if the other party was your first love, the first to know your nakedness, the first of both or one who you shared an event that left a permanent mark on your life with. It gets harder if you had put your heart, soul and […]

The Daddy Issues Girl.

She walks around the house red with anger from something that happened yesterday. The silent treatment has been so loud you can feel her entitlement, her ego and a paltry sense of humanity argue on whether or not to speak to you. She probably won’t for the foreseeable future. You know this since it’s not […]