Laughing at Our Own Folly

It’s been a minute since I touched base with you, my readers, thanks to something in between a lull and my struggle with perfectionism. A good friend of mine, whose name I will withhold in respect to their love for anonymity, thinks I am doused in pedantry. The two coupled by my poor reading habit […]


It’s been a minute since I last wrote on this blog. A lot of things have happened, not to excuse my complacency, but some of which directly or indirectly affected my writing. A plethora of these ‘things’ have been emotional, circumstantial or some which I could not quite wrap my head around. Since I last […]

High Maintenance

We all have that one shirt we save for the first date or the one that is faded around the collar but we are having a hard time disposing of or the ones we wear on Fridays when the weekend mood weighs heavy on us. Then there’s that pair of striped happy socks that go […]

Damn Oranges

I have never wrapped my head around my unfortunate luck with oranges. I can barely recall the last time I kicked back after minutes of slicing through a mean sweet orange. Many a time, I hang off balance on either side of bitterness or tastelessness scale. Despite the look and feel of the rind (which, […]

Kagwe Special

Since the reporting of the first coronavirus case in Kenya, everyone seems to be getting in touch with their athletic, artistic, and innate selves. Some for the likes, some for the love, some just because they just want to get their minds on something. For others, it’s merely because their self-esteem is asphyxiated under their […]


Yonder the neatly trimmed grass of the compound sits a tin-walled house with corrugated sheet extrapolations aimed at preventing rainwater from pouring in. My mild purist tendencies never give me my much-desired peace whenever I look at the house due to its near trapezoidal shape. My insatiable desire for precision has always led me to […]

A Man About Town

I don’t remember being born, neither can I recollect any shards of memory surrounding my early days except for dad taking me to the hospital for splitting my lip. I cannot recall any of my birthdays during my formative years leading as close to last year. Reasons being, one, I don’t know how to throw […]

Candid Lessons from ‘The Rona’

The coronavirus pandemic has yanked from us the comfort of normalcy and the pleasure of control that we for most of our latter days enjoyed. It’s odd for many having to stay home under another entity’s terms. We now have all the excuses to be out of work and be layabouts and couch potatoes. They […]